Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Effects of Music on Consumer Behaviour in a Fine Dining Restaurant

The transition from the service economy to the experience economy is one that is encouraging business establishments to consider different schemes in being able to develop a competitive positioning, higher customer satisfactions and alignments with the consumer’s emotional construct. Of the many possibilities to achieve this, the intelligent use of music is one method that is being given attention in growing proportions due to its powerful ability in affecting consumer behaviours and perceptions. The present study is an attempt to identify these musical properties and apply them in a structured manner to the restaurant environment which is known for its extensive yet intuitive approach to utilizing music.

The use of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne’s fine dining establishment, Le Berceau de Sens, acted as the restaurant property in which the field experiment was held in during the month of March. Hence, a total of 348 restaurant patrons expressed their evaluations via the use of a survey while dining under the two contrasting musical environments; structured music treatment and unstructured music treatment. Independent Samples T-Tests were utilized in determining whether a significant difference existed between restaurant patron’s evaluations of the dining experience under the contrasting music conditions. Analysis showed that consumers dining under a structured music treatment spent more on beverages and expressed greater awareness of the music, higher enjoyment evaluations and shorter time perceptions of the dining experience as well as higher intentions to return to the Berceau de Sens.

The Effects of Music on Consumer Behaviour in a Fine Dining Restaurant 2012